Xbox One has a “Do Not Disturb” feature in testing so you won’t get annoying popups while you’re busy with other, more important stuff

Oh, it’s definitely happened to you. After hours, days even, of browsing through your Facebook archives and playing The Cure’s Disintegration on repeat and conscientious introspection about who did what wrong, you’re on the very verge of realising why your ex was actually the worst person ever. And then, suddenly, x_HITMAN_69_x WANTS TO PLAY WARFRAME.


Why did you even get that game? It’s the worst game ever. And maybe you’re the worst person ever. You don’t need this kind of epiphany now. And soon enough, you can preclude this sort of thing entirely.

Okay, so maybe not necessarily quite as dramatic as that, but according to a report over on Eurogamer, a new “Do Not Disturb” feature is available for pre-launch testing to Xbox One Insiders, so you can block messages and party invites and other notifications while you’re watching movies on Plex or you’re on the toilet or you’re watching movies on Plex on the toilet or whatever. Other new features apparently also include a Next Achievements thing that shows what your… next achievement in this or that game is going to be in the Xbox Guide, and Mini Game Hubs, which are like regular Game Hubs, but now in fun-size, also for the Xbox Guide.

No confirmation on when it’s out for public use, but you can probably expect this update to drop in the next month or so.

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