I spent my summer holiday playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One and I got 99 problems (but a chicken dinner ain’t one)

Console gamers around the planet got to play the coolest and trendiest battle royale game in December, when publisher Bluehole Studio finally released the much anticipated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One game preview program. I spent a not inconsiderable portion of my festive break getting to grips with it, seeing as how I don’t have a PC that’s anywhere near good enough to run it and tragically missed the game’s Steam early access debut back in March 2017. I’ve been left with equal parts disappointment (initially) and awe (lately) after my lengthy game sessions, and I thought I would share some of my impressions with those of you still sitting on the fence with a leg hanging over either side, who might prefer not to have your genitals crushed by the weight of your indecision.

I have a launch edition Xbox One console, the lowest of the low in this generation, so I was going into it with tempered expectations straight up. Between multiple crashes (about one every 40 minutes or so), constant framerate dips, and a lot of server-side lag, my first scoring on the Fun With Frying Pans For the Whole Family scale was probably somewhere in the region of having a hot needle slowly eased into your retina.

Delayed texture popping also led to numerous times that I’d find myself stuck in a floor or wall, crying out to team mates in my best Ripley voice to just “Kiiiiill meeeee!” and end my misery. But every now and again the bugs work in your favour too, and we found ourselves at the receiving end of a filling, if somewhat unsatisfying and definitely kind of undeserved chicken dinner at least once because of it, when one of our guys somehow became the amazing invisible man.

(I don’t think he has terrible aim, it’s just the lag made it look that way. Or maybe he has terrible aim.)

Things have changed for the better this week though, with the latest patch fixing some of the framerate issues, several crash issues (including whatever was causing my game to produce a long middle finger to me, as last night’s 1.5 hour run produced exactly zero rage inducing crashes), and also introduced the First Person Perspective (FPP) game mode to all the available team options. Additional settings have been added to allow you to tweak your aim sensitivity/acceleration in game now, the analogue speed of panning the camera when you dive out of the plane has been given a much-needed boost, and vehicles are now a lot easier to destroy so the Dacia is no longer a viable replacement for an APC. You can read the complete patch notes on the PUBG forums here.

I‘m thrilled that regular patches are on the menu from Bluehole and if they keep up the drastic fixes I suspect the game will be about as stable as an anvil buried in concrete in no time. Since the last patch, PUBG is so much better to play on the Xbox One, and if you’re one of the blessed elite who has an Xbox One X, you can apparently expect an even smoother ride.

Have any comments about your time in PUBG on the Xbox, or an interesting game clip you snapped? Please share them with us in the comments, we are super keen to hear your thoughts.