Xbox One and PS4 versions of De Blob 2 have been given the green light, out of the blue, and I’m tickled pink

THQ Nordic has announced that a remastered version of De Blob 2 will be heading to Xbox One and PS4 next month. De Blob 2 is a bouncy jaunt about a jelly ball character who goes around painting the world different colours – it’s important that we get that out of the way first, to give the headline context. Colour puns, see. Not really puns as such, more like cheap idiom things, but you get the idea.

The original De Blob was a quirky, playful romp with a musical score which ebbs and flows with your actions, and some smart design mechanics. The sequel followed suit, adding 2D platforming segments, two-player co-op and head-t0-head modes, and brought back maestro John Guscott to take care of the soundtrack. The core colour-changing gameplay at the heart of the action remained mostly intact, although critics back then felt that the sequel lost some of the charm of the first game.

De Blob 2 was remastered for release on PC last year, and featured upscaled videos, FXAA anti aliasing and other graphic options, so we can expect to see much of that in the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 versions when they hit stores on 27 February. Colour me excited.

Via Gematsu