Reports suggest Xbox’s achievement system is being reworked into a career system of sorts, with quests and rewards for your efforts

Microsoft is apparently busy engineering a new way of handling the whole Gamerscore and achievements concept, mainly because some people feel that the current system is quite one dimensional and doesn’t take eSports gamers, or those who specialise in only a handful of games, into proper consideration 

In what Microsoft reportedly refers to as your Xbox career, the new system will be a more nuanced affair, giving credit for your accomplishments as an Xbox gamer, not just for spamming easy games for easy points. Avatar: The Last Airbender, I’m looking at you, pal. Xbox corporate VP Mike Ybarra touched on an extended Gamerscore system in an interview with Windows Central a few months back, so the assumption is that the career idea being tested now is an extension of that.

According to the latest Windows Central report on the matter, the career system includes different levels and prestige ranks for your gaming achievements. So, let’s say you’re a top ranked Battlefield 1 player, your Xbox curriculum vitae, so to speak, will reflect your gaming history and accomplishments in a way that a cold, hard Gamerscore figure simply can’t in its current state.

There is said to be a quest system in there too, presumably to do with meeting game-related objectives, with rewards including loot crates for Avatar items and so on. The report claims that this new, more macro, overarching gaming achievement system will work alongside the traditional Gamerscore mechanic which will still perform its current function (that function being, obviously, bragging rights).

So, not to worry, the points you’ve earned thus far will still be worth as much as they are right now. *cough*