There’s a new UFC 3 trailer and it’s all about the heavily reworked career mode

A new trailer for a game you’re excited about is always fun, but this latest look at EA Sports UFC 3 delivers a lot more than just brutal fight footage, it’s our first proper look at the overhauled career mode which forms the backbone of the singleplayer component. Train, fight, promote yourself, get up in the face of one particularly bombastic Irishman… it’s the whole UFC experience.

The UFC 2 career mode did well to improve on the original’s barebones effort, but this looks to add a many more layers to crafting your fighter’s path through the UFC. In keeping with the reality of the sport, you’ll have to balance your time between training and getting out there to promote yourself, making appearances, getting your ugly mug in the news, and generally making a name for yourself.

Your ultimate goal for the career mode is to become the G.O.A.T – the Greatest Of All Time. Getting there is going to take a lot of being punched in the face, but the new trailer shows that UFC 3 also puts a lot of emphasis on the self-promotion aspects, as well as social media interaction, building a reputation and earning followers through your actions in and out of the ring.

EA Sports UFC 3 is out on 2 February, so, you know, do some push-ups or something while you wait.