Destiny 2 is adding support for multiple custom emote slots

… and making some adjustments to the game’s controversial Eververse microtransactions, but multiple custom emote slots, you guys. It almost makes up for the abysmal Curse of Osiris expansion. Almost.

In this week’s update on its blog, Bungie explains that “we’re not just listening, we’re doing” and there’s a lot in the works for the game, now and in the future, including revamped activity rewards, XP rates, private matches, the (inevitable) reinstatement of 6v6 competitive multiplayer, and much more.

Perhaps most significant, however, is the decision to rework Destiny 2’s somewhat questionable Eververse, an in-game vendor that sells Bright Engrams for real cash, although these can also be earned by levelling up. I don’t know why cosmetic items have been such a big deal to some players, but they apparently have, so now Bungie is trying to fix it by adding that stuff to the game’s otherwise inscrutable random number generator as potential prizes in other activities. The studio will introduce these changes in the Crimson Days event, starting 13 February.

The list of upcoming additions next month also features a new Nightfall Strike scoring system, replacing the time limit with new modifiers, so that’s nice too. That time limit is the suck.