Existence is up for sale in the new Altered Carbon trailer

Ahead of the show’s launch next month, a new trailer for the Netflix adaptation of Richard Morgan’s definitive tech noir dystopian novel Altered Carbon – a production rumoured to have cost more than the first three seasons of Game of Thrones, so you know it’s kind of a big deal – is out now, and it’s dialled my Hype-O-Tron to max.

In the futuristic sci-fi universe of Altered Carbon, human consciousness can been digitised and installed in a new body over and over, essentially making those people who can afford the process immortal. Which is totally not ever subject to plutocratic abuse, ever. Protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is an ex-spec ops supersoldier who’s pulled out of brain storage to solve a murder, and inevitably gets involved in a lot of other drama, including corporate and political intrigue, ethical dilemmas, and psychedelic sex.

Altered Carbon debuts on Netflix on 2 February.