The latest Nintendo Direct presentation is packed with good stuff for Nintendo fans, including news of an upcoming free update for Super Mario Odyssey which, among other less exciting things, adds a balloon-based mini-game for those of you who have finished the main game. It’s called Luigi’s Balloon World and it could potentially be more fun than it has any right to be.

Slide along to the 6:30 mark in the video above to skip to the Balloon World bit.

The premise is Nintendo-simple and Nintendo-cute: hide balloons, or hunt for balloons. You’ve got 30 seconds to either hide or find a balloon, moving as fast as possible so you can see your name shimmy up the Luigi’s Balloon World leaderboards.¬†Despite the mini-game’s name, Luigi is still not playable, so balloon logistical duties fall to Mario alone.

As mentioned, you’ll have to work your way through to the end of the core Super Mario Odyssey story before the mini-game will become available. Just chat to the man and he’ll give you the choice to hide or find, and you’re off.

The update also includes some fresh gear – Sunshine, Musician and Knight themed hats and outfits – as well as new filters for Snapshot mode, and it will be rolling out sometime in February.

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