Indie game development collective Crytivo has launched a new online shop

Since launching its intriguing debut project The Universim on Kickstarter back in 2014, indie studio Crytivo has apparently been very busy expanding its publishing portfolio, and has now added a catalogue of other intriguing projects to a new online shop, including a dinosaur zoo management game that promises to fulfil your megalizard breeding fantasies (except, you know, those ones).

Having recently concluded its own Kickstarter campaign, Prehistoric Kingdom features “scientifically accurate” dinosaurs with custom habitat and terraforming tools so you can build your dream disaster-pending themepark.

Other games include an adorable city builder sim called Goblins of Elderstone, and Cefore, a physics puzzler about blowing stuff up.

Crytivo’s “fans-first” policy excludes titles that feature controversial things like microtransactions, loot boxes, and non-cosmetic launch DLC, so that’s nice.

“We want you to have a real sense of pride and accomplishment for mastering our games, not paying your way to victory,” the company explains on its new website. “We hope to prove to the world that gaming still has a heart.”

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