The Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta might be extended due to crippling network issues

Bandai Namco decided to put Dragon Ball FighterZ’s netcode to the test this past weekend, and it’s a good thing too – without an open beta phase to shove the game through the wringer, developer Arc System Works wouldn’t know just how damaged the server aspects this ambitious fighter are right now.

The gameplay is apparently fine – those who’ve been sampling the high-impact, explosive, anime stylings of Dragon Ball FighterZ have pretty much only good things to say about it. But server disruptions have made it near impossible to get in on the action for a lot of players, to such an extent that Bandai Namco is considering extending the open beta.

With a 26 January release date looming there isn’t a lot of time to fix the holes in the server system for this highly anticipated beat ’em up, so it makes sense to push this testing phase as long as possible. What Bandai Namco doesn’t want is a Call of Duty: WW2 launch scenario, where an otherwise impressive game is marred by frustrating network errors.

The beta is currently still open and active, and we are still waiting for the publisher to confirm that aforementioned extension. Until then, if you can get into the game, give it a bash and let us know what you think in the comments below.