Things have gone from bad to so much worse in the first trailer for season two of The Handmaid’s Tale

Oh, you thought your pregnancy sucked? Offred’s got a lot more going on than some inconvenient morning vomits and an insatiable craving for pickled donuts. She might be out of the zealot-dystopian Republic of Gilead for now, but the penal colony isn’t exactly an improvement, and what did she even expect, anyway? This is why good girls do their chores and don’t have sex.

Although the first season was based on Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel of the same name, the second season is (almost) entirely on its own as it introduces a new narrative of what happened next. The debut trailer – set to an especially creepy version of Buffalo Springfield’s seditious anti-establishment anthem “For What It’s Worth” – isn’t telling much, but the miracle of Offred’s impending motherhood is obviously somewhat undermined by, like, everything else. Blessed be the fruit, indeed.

The 13-episode second season starts on Hulu on 25 April. Local availability isn’t confirmed for the moment, but the first season was recently added on DSTV and is coming to Showmax in February.

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