The already stunning Forza Horizon 3 now looks even better, with native 4K output and other visual tweaks on Xbox One X

What many consider to be one of the best racing games of this (or any other) generation now looks even better for those with the hardware to do it justice – thanks to a new patch, Playground Games’ exquisite Forza Horizon 3 is now officially Xbox One X Enhanced.

To earn the title of Xbox One X Enhanced, your favourite open world racer is now rendered in native 4K, resplendent on that new UHD TV you treated yo’ self to over the holidays. HDR is still a thing, but not a new thing, since that was already a thing on Xbox One S. There have been a few other visual upgrades to go along with the upgrade to 4K, including sharper reflections, better defined environmental shadows, smoother motion blur, and improved anisotropic filtering.

Playground Games has clearly decided to make image fidelity the order of the day, the flip side of that being that Forza Horizon 3 sticks to 30FPS instead of trying to push it to 60FPS, even with those six teraflops flopping around inside the Xbox One X.

Still, if you’re into racing games, especially those with an open world setting, you have to admit that Forza Horizon 3 is close to racing nirvana. And now nirvana is in 4K. What more could anyone ask for? Besides 60FPS, of course, but that’s just being greedy.

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