Two Point Hospital is the Theme Hospital sequel that isn’t actually a sequel but is totally a sequel

It’s been more than 20 years (!) since Bullfrog’s definitive vomitpocalypse sim Theme Hospital launched, and I’ve still not ever finished it. Mostly because of the vomitpocalypse. What? That’s why I’m a reclusive nerd who never leaves the house, and not a hospital administrator. If video games have taught me one thing, it’s my own limits.

Anyway, publisher Sega has now announced Two Point Hospital, a “spiritual successor” to Theme Hospital, which is industry code for “it’s a sequel but we can’t actually call it a sequel because of trademarks or whatever”, and two of the original game’s designers are on the team so you know it’s going to be sick. Get it? Sick. Because it’s a hospital game. This is why I’m not a comedian.

Two Point Hospital is the debut game from developer Two Point Studios, founded by ex-Bullfrog guys Mark Webley and Gary Carr. Much like Theme Hospital, this one has you managing a hospital crammed with zany medical emergencies, like hideously reanimated Egyptian mummies. You know, the usual stuff.

“The values are the same, the humour is important. Theme Hospital had its own quirky off-centre, offbeat take on the sim genre. It didn’t take itself too seriously, but under the hood there was actually quite a deep sim,” Carr tells PC Gamer.

It’s out on PC sometime in 2018, but in the meantime, here are some screenshots to cure your nostalgia.

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