It look like there’s a revised version of Microsoft’s elitist Xbox Elite controller in the works

Recently leaked images suggest that Microsoft has been working on an updated version of the highly regarded Xbox Elite controller. You know the one I mean – you probably don’t own one, but your rich friend does. The friend with the double-barrel surname and the Aston Martin. Yes, it’s pricey, but many of the pros swear by it, and, if reports are to believed, it’s about to become even better.

It started with leaked photos on Baidu, but the sources that were covering it sounded a lot like those UK tabloids which have gaming headlines like “PS5 RELEASE DATE SHOCKER OMG”, and the article is all “Sony will probably be making a PS5, and it’s going to be released, on a date”, so I overlooked it. Lazy journalism, and I apologise. Anyway, things escalated when The Verge pointed out that some of the new developments for the supposedly upgraded controller matched patent filings made by Microsoft not that long ago.

Image via Reddit user EDDS86.

The new controller is said to feature a USB-C charge port, Bluetooth support for Windows 10, three-level hair trigger locks, a three-profile switch, increased key travel for the paddles, an adjustable thumbstick tension mechanism, and revised grip design. We’ve had no word from Microsoft on any of this, but the leaked images are quite compelling evidence that this is the real deal. Expect something official out of Redmond at E3 this year, or perhaps sooner – those pics make it look like the new Xbox Elite controller is nearly ready for action. But, and here’s the big question, is your wallet ready for action?