Metal Gear Survive requires a constant internet connection, even for the single-player stuff

Konami has revealed that you’ll need to be permanently hooked up to the internet to play the upcoming Metal Gear Solid spin-off, Metal Gear Survive, regardless of the mode you’re playing. Apparently this is to facilitate a seamless transition between single-player and multiplayer modes, which makes sense, I guess. It’s still crap, though, especially for those of us in the darkness of the third world where, for most people, the idea of uncapped, high speed internet is just something that happens to other people.

As I said, the rationale makes sense – you can’t have people connecting and disconnecting as it suits them when you’re trying to build a game where single-player and multiplayer run as one. That being said, I’m not sure the world is entirely ready to make this depth of commitment to a game without Destiny-like levels of adoration. We’ll get our asses online, and keep them online, for Destiny. Because it’s Destiny. Metal Gear Survive, on the other hand, just seems odd. The awkward step-sibling of the beloved Metal Gear Solid could surprise us yet, but right now it feels misguided. And it’s a game which doesn’t have the confidence to pull off something like this, expecting a constant internet connection just to play.

There’s other Metal Gear Survive news too, which other outlets are talking about, and that’s the revelation that the spin-off will include microtransactions. And yes, while that is news in that it is new information, I’ll tell you what, it shouldn’t be. It’s an always-online game. It’s got a multiplayer component. In this day and age, it’s going to have microtransactions.

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