Toyota is now sponsoring the Overwatch League and how did this even happen?

If you’re over 30, you probably remember video games as this ultra-nerdy, kind of covert hobby that maybe one or two other people in the whole grade were into while everybody else was collecting lip gloss or, like, gleaming the cube. That… that was a thing, wasn’t it? I dunno what those kids were doing because I was too busy playing Space Quest.

Fast forward six months, and it’s one of the hottest industries on the planet. Okay, not exactly six months, but if you’re over 30, you know what I mean.

It’s been just over a week since Twitch signed an exclusive Overwatch League streaming deal at an estimated cost of “at least” $90 million, and now Japanese automotive mega-corp Toyota has been added to the sponsor list. What do cars have to do with esports? It doesn’t even matter, but visitors can apparently expect a “vehicle presence” at the Blizzard Arena, so that’s – what’s the proper marketing idiom? – disruptive. And probably lots of ads. And a game update that replaces the payload with a Corolla.

Blizzard also recently confirmed that more than 10 million people watched the first week of the Overwatch League, with a concurrent viewer peak at 437,000 during the one of the opening games between Dallas Fuel and Seoul Destiny.