An Overwatch League player has been suspended for homophobic insults

In news that should surprise exactly nobody who has ever been on the internet, Dallas Fuel player Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been dropped temporarily from the ongoing Overwatch League and fined $2000 for suggesting that rival and openly gay player Austin “Muma” Wilmot of Houston Outlaws “suck a fat” you-know-what, adding that “you would like it”, because that’s so clever and original.

The tween-level drama started, according to Kotaku, when Wilmot described Fuel’s recent loss against the Houston Outlaws as “rolled and smoked”, one of Lengyel’s own signature taunts, during a livestream. Lengyel responded with the other thing, Wilmot called him a “homophobic piece of garbage”, everybody else was, like, “omg, you guys, srsly” and then they said sorry to each other on social media. The comment was in violation of the Overwatch League’s code of conduct, however, so consequences were real.

While in the naughty corner until 10 February, Lengyel will apparently be provided with “additional resources, focus coaching, physical training, and support” to help him become a functional grown-up, or at least the sort of person who keeps that sort of stuff to themselves.