Sony has signed off on a license to create figurines of some of your favourite PlayStation characters

Collectors of plastic trinkets will be pleased to know that you will soon be able to buy Amiibo ripoffs of characters from the PlayStation world. Perhaps ripoffs is a bit harsh. Let’s just say that these figurines from toy line Totaku are inspired by what Nintendo has been up to in the plastic trinkets genre. Very inspired. Like, down to the packaging.

The first wave of the Totaku Collection, GameStop’s collectables line, includes some of the biggest franchises in PlayStation history. So you’ve got Tekken’s Heihachi, the hunter dude from Bloodborne, Wipeout’s Feisar FX 350, LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy, a very flat PaRappa the Rapper, Crash Brandicoot and Kratos from God of War.

Like Nintendo’s Amiibos, these are small, plastic, non-articulated figurines with a solid base. Unlike Nintendo’s Amiibos, that’s all they are. No NFC, no toys-to-games shenanigans. They are quite nicely detailed, at least, which is to expected since these are officially licensed by Sony. My best bit is how the product listing says “Multiple ways to display,” indicating, I presume, that you’ll be able to have Kratos stand on your bedside table or your desk at work. Or even on top of the fridge. The possibilities are endless.


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