Descenders is a mountain biking game which looks like it will require nerves of steel and pants of brown

Mountain biking as a sport hasn’t had much in the way of video game representation. Tarryn says that’s because… well, I can’t really say what Tarryn said. I’ll tell you what though, here in South Africa people go mental for mountain biking, so I reckon it’s worth mentioning that there’s a new MTB game headed to Steam (and unspecified consoles) later this year. It’s called Descenders, and it looks damn fast, even if the biker guys look like they’re made of badly painted origami.

Developed by Dutch team RageSquid, Descenders is an edge-of-your-seat downhill racing game set on procedurally generated mountain tracks with only your reflexes and your bike between you and a head:tree interface experience. There are three teams to race for, each representing a different riding style: the trick-based Team Enemy, off-road focused Team Arboreal, and the speed-centric Team Kinetic, but from what I’ve seen it all seems to degenerate into a godless blur down a mountainside. Which sounds pretty good to me.

I’m not sold on the look of the bikers themselves, and the trick physics seem a bit loose at the moment, but the breakneck speed, ridiculous jumps and sweeping curves could make for an exciting ride. Interested parties can get hold of Descenders via Steam from 9 February, with no date pegged for the console versions as yet.