John Cena is in talks to play Duke Nukem on the silver screen

Wrestling superstar John Cena is currently in negotiations with production company Platinum Dunes to play the leading role in the upcoming Duke Nukem movie. The film is in the early stages and is still without a director or writer, but according to a report by Variety it’s very much a thing that’s happening.

Cena has the right look for the part, and while he hasn’t had much in the way of box-office success as a leading man (if you saw The Marine you probably needed to wash your eyes out with drain cleaner once the credits rolled), he’s definitely been improving as an actor. The Duke Nukem role might end up being the vehicle which drives him to success, as good old Duke is hardly a nuanced character and should suit his style.

Platinum Dunes was created by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller in 2001, focusing mostly on action and horror-lite films (we’ll just ignore the Dora the Explorer film scheduled for a 2019 release, shall we?). Mr Bay is especially renowned for being a bit of an “explosions and fiery death” kind of guy, which bodes well for Duke’s mission to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

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