There’s a new champion in the microSD space race and it clocks in at a colossal 512GB

Data storage news is hardly exciting, but hear me out, as this is can actually be considered relevant to gamers. See, the massive (yet tiny) new 512GB microSD card from Integral Memory is compatible with your beloved Nintendo Switch, meaning that you’ll be able to download just about the entire game library onto one card. Admittedly, that’s based on an outdated list from November 2017, but the point is still worth making. Of course the biggest challenge is to make sure you don’t lose the minuscule thing.

Poor old SanDisk’s 400GB was the big boy on the playground until now, but Integral Memory has that card well and truly beaten. In terms of sheer data volume, that is. SanDisk’s offering actually beats this new 512GB card when it comes to speed, at 100MB/s compared to the Integral Memory card’s 80MB/s. Classified within the SDXC UHS-I U1 format, this little card with its cavernous capacity is quick enough to be used to capture video in full HD, and will work with your Switch right out of the box.

The Nintendo Switch actually supports microSD cards of up to 2TB, but those don’t exist. Yet. In the meantime this one is as big as it gets, but you can expect a retail price to match when it becomes available sometime in February.

Via The Verge