Ubisoft realised how much we love loot crates so now Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting them too

There’s a little game we play here at NAG: every time someone writes news about loot crates, Dane pops a kitten’s ear in an envelope and posts it to the offending person. God knows where he’s getting all of these kitten ears. He’s a resourceful chap, our editor. Anyway, the point is that we’re tired of talking about loot crates, microtransactions and the like. I’ll take one for the team here though, to let you all know that Ghost Recon: Wildlands will have its own version of the damn things, called Battle Crates, to coincide with the Extended Ops update coming later this month.

You’ve got to give Ubisoft credit though – the way these dastardly things have been implemented here sets a good example for how it should be done. Most importantly, the items you score from your crates will have no impact on gameplay or player progression. The crates come in two flavours:  Spec Ops Crates for your single-player or co-op campaign-related items, and Ghost War Crates which contain items to be used in the Ghost War PvP mode. Spec Ops Crates are packed with epic weapons, exotic weapons, vehicles and various cosmetic items, while Ghost War Crates include re-skinned exotic weapons, customization items and character skins called Icons.

Everyone’s getting a free Spec Ops Crate and Ghost War Crate once the Extended Ops update arrives. If you’re hungry for more, additional crates will be available for purchase from the Store for 400 Store Credits, and each crate will include three items you don’t already have – no duplicates, ever. Extended Ops will be free to all Ghost Recon: Wildlands players, so you may as well grab those free crates even if you have no intention of buying more in the future.