BioWare’s Anthem is (probably) delayed into 2019

Announced at EA’s E3 press conference last year, BioWare’s first ever “action-adventure, not RPG” post-apocalyptic science-fantasy shooter Anthem was supposed to be the studio’s big thing in 2018. Now, not so much.

That 2018 launch date was apparently “never realistic” and game’s release has been pushed sometime into 2019 instead, anonymous employees told Kotaku, amid extraordinary pressures to make something that actually delivers on its hype. Anthem has already been in development since 2012, but between Mass Effect: Andromeda’s failure and BioWare Montreal’s subsequent closure, the death of designer Corey Gaspur, the departure of studio boss Aaryn Flynn, the unexpected replacement by previously departed studio boss Casey Hudson, and publisher EA’s ongoing microtransaction controversies fomenting a culture of reactionary outrage among a lot of gamers, that kind of stress is probably inevitable.

Besides jetpacks and… something about a corn maze, we don’t even know very much about the game at the moment, so I suppose that’s one way to manage expectations.