Test your knowledge of high maintenance hairstyles (and other things) in the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Quiz

Chocobos. Turn-based combat. Cloud… something or other. Okay, so I’ve never actually played a Final Fantasy game and I know exactly zero about what even happens in one (besides awkwardly homoerotic camp cookouts), but maybe you do? OR DO YOU?

Launched in time for the franchise’s big three-o birthday party, the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Quiz asks questions about characters, creatures, history, music, battle, and locations spanning three decades and about a million games that only real fans would know the answers to. And those real fans can even win discounts on the Square Enix online store if they can prove it. Some terms and conditions apply, I assume.

Cloud Strife! That’s the one. He’s the guy with the big sword, I think. Look at me, I do know stuff.