Ubisoft is working on a virtual assistant named Sam to offer support across all aspects of Ubisoft gaming

Some of the greatest minds (Elon Musk and myself) are dead scared of AI taking over the world, but that hasn’t stopped everyone creating virtual assistants to help with every part of our lives. Ubisoft is getting in on the action now too with Sam, the first virtual gaming assistant from a major player in the industry.

You might be wondering why we would need such a thing, so here’s Ubisoft’s press blurb to lay it out straight for you:

“Sam is part of Ubisoft’s efforts to continue innovating the Ubisoft Club and delivering new benefits to members. When gamers want to know about a release date, watch a trailer, discover Easter Eggs in a game or chat with Sam about the best Assassin in the series, Sam will direct them to the appropriate page on the Ubisoft website or elsewhere on the web.

“By chatting through voice or text input, players can ask Sam anything about Ubisoft games and services through Sam’s chatbot Q&A feature. Sam is directly linked to a player’s Ubisoft account, which allows it to analyse their latest matches and provide tailored hints and tips through the Daily Login feature, which is introduced with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

“Sam will analyze why a player is struggling during matches and will proactively send a video tip from the community. As Sam is in beta, additional features are planned in the coming months to enrich the service offered to the Ubisoft players.”

I’ll be honest, I feel like Sam will be the kind of app you will have to actively find reasons to use, instead of an essential assistant in your daily life. But Sam is currently in open beta, so maybe by the time it’s ready for the general public Ubisoft will have implemented some must-have features. The beta is available for Ubisoft Club members, although strangely it is limited to Canadians only… what’s that aboot?

Via VG247

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