The Sea of Thieves beta has been extended after the open-world adventure hit rough seas

Avast ye, news has come in to let you all know that the Sea of Thieves beta testing phase will carry on a little longer, due to a bug which stopped some of those who had pre-ordered the game from being able to access it. All of those signed up for the beta will now have an extra two days to sample Rare’s highly anticipated Xbox One console exclusive.

“Some players who pre-ordered the game digitally are seeing a “too early” message,” says a recent Rare blog post on the matter. “We have been working with our partners across Xbox to get this resolved as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The fix for the issue began rolling out last night (UK time) and is unfortunately taking longer than anticipated to reach all affected players.”

I can’t wait for Sea of Thieves. I don’t even like multiplayer gaming, let alone this sort of open-world, shared world, massively multiplayer nonsense, but there’s something about Rare’s upcoming ocean opera that has me excited. You may ask, why are pirate games so exciting? They just aarrrrrrrrr. Sorry. It’s Friday.