Monster Hunter: World’s matchmaking on Xbox One is totally broken

Capcom’s latest beast brawler – which, according to my Twitter stream, everybody in the universe is playing except me – has launched with busted matchmaking on Xbox One, forsaking players who must now fend for themselves, trembling and alone, in a hostile world populated entirely by things that want to eat them.

Connectivity faults are apparently limited to public matchmaking, with custom lobby invites working more or less as intended for the moment (but, as with every other game ever, your own experiences may vary). Complaints that players on Xbox One are getting a “no sessions found” error were acknowledged by Capcom over the weekend, but the issues are ongoing.

Players on the game’s subreddit are inevitably blaming the lack of a beta on Microsoft’s console for the problems, but moaning about what should’ve been done two months ago doesn’t exactly solve anything now. Although, exclusive betas for multi-platform games are also exceedingly stupid for what should be obvious reasons – like, you know, this one – so maybe developers should reconsider that sort of stuff in future. As much as it’s about marketing and pre-order hype, a beta is supposed to test things like viable online functionality so it works properly when the game launches. Jeez, guys. Sort it out.