Microsoft wants to buy EA, Valve, and Bluehole, according to rumours on the internet

What to do when you don’t have a lot of exclusive games? Buy other studios already developing games and instantly make them yours. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Citing a “reliable” anonymous source, Polygon reports that Microsoft is considering an acquisition of industry megacompany EA, currently valued at about $35 billion. Other “whispers” have apparently also named Valve (!) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds publisher PUBG Corp as potential purchases.

This is obviously unconfirmed speculation for the moment, but it’s an intriguing – and not entirely implausible – possibility for an Xbox exclusive lineup that’s otherwise conspicuously (almost) empty in 2018, with no new Gears of War, Halo, or Forza games expected to launch. Or anything much else of real interest, for that matter, besides maybe Sea of Thieves and some indies. Microsoft’s recent decision to include its exclusive games in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue at launch would be an even more compelling choice for consumers with, for example, BioWare’s Anthem or the next FIFA on the list. Or Half-Life 3? Probably not that one.