Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman have a lip-sync rap battle in this ad for Doritos and Mountain Dew because… because

It’s Super Bowl sportsball week in Trumperica, and that means major brands will be buying extortionately overpriced ad slots and then trying to one-up each other with big budget commercials that nobody will even remember for the actual products. ROLL TIDE.

In this one by Ohgodijustingestedwhat, LLC, a subsidiary of PepsiCo that owns Doritos and Mountain Dew, we’ve got Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip-syncing Busta Rhymes’ Look at Me Now and Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak On to promote – what was it? – the new Doritos Blaze chips and Mountain Dew Ice soda. Trendy.

… It’s a song of fire and ice. I get it now. What was the ad for again?