Your free PlayStation Plus games for February make for a colourful romp of epic proportions

Sony has revealed the list of games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting for the month of February, and it’s a pretty solid line-up, assuming you like nice, cheerful things. I’m not allowed to have nice things, not since that incident with the thing, but for the rest of you there’s a bit of this and a bit of that, and to be honest I’m a little jealous. 

Headlining the month’s offering is the Crash Bandicoot-’em-up platformer, Knack. It’s bright, it’s colourful, and it was one of the first games that Sony decided to show the public when bragging about the PlayStation 4, so you know it’s got to be good. In fairness, it is good, but not amazing. Still, it’s a highly polished adventure that’s definitely worth a look if you don’t have to pay for it.

I’m far more interested in Rime, one of those games which I’ve been watching to see when it hits the budget bin. I haven’t played it, but the trailers give it a bit of an Ico-lite vibe, with a visual style I just want to wrap my eyes around forever.

Your free lucky packet also includes Spelunky HD on PS3, which is a good bit of fun, and Mugen Souls Z, a JRPG which checks all the boxes when it comes to substandard JRPGs. File that one under “I’ve got bugger-all left to play, maybe I’ll give it a whirl”.

If you’ve got a PS Vita you’ll be able to enjoy Exiles End and Grand Kingdom, while those with a PlayStation VR helmet thing can still get hold of Starblood Arena, if that suits the cut of your jib. Lastly, there’s a Gems of War thing going on this month, offering players the Nobend Brothers troop, 10 rare gem keys and 2,500 souls to boost your new troop’s levels.

Right, that’s me done.

Oh, wow… “Nobend brothers”? Like, knob end? I don’t even know what to say.