Mario is going itsa-mobile in Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo must have made a few bucks with Super Mario Run because the people who count the money and make the decisions have decided to bring another legendary franchise to the smartphone space, this time with Mario Kart being reworked for launch on mobile devices as Mario Kart Tour.

People seem to love Mario Kart, so everyone is probably dying to know if this will be a stripped down port of an existing version, or an all new affair build from the ground up to make the most of the smart device form factor. Sadly all we know is that it’s in development, and that Nintendo is aiming for release sometime during “fiscal year ending in March 2019”.

Mario Kart really is the kind of game that could translate well to smartphone gaming, and it’s a franchise with a hardcore fan base built over decades, so you would imagine that this is a safe bet. The concern, though, is how Nintendo chooses to monetise it. People don’t like spending proper money on games for their cell phones – remember how people lost their minds when Nintendo wanted something like $10 for Super Mario Run? No, no, no, we like our mobile games to be free, and then we like brain-crippling progress gates and big, towering paywalls to climb over later. And then we like to complain about that too.