PlayStation 4 exclusive Yakuza 6 has been delayed by a month

Japan gangster opera Yakuza 6 has been pushed back a month, I’m afraid. This is probably ultra-boring news for most of you, but there are people out there who spend an unhealthy amount of time mapping out game release schedules for the year. If you’re one of those people, this news if for you. If you’re not, scurry along.

Ah, I feel a little guilty now. You’ve hit the ‘Read More…” button, but there’s really not a lot more to say. Yakuza 6 was marked for its PlayStation 4 release on 20 March, but will now only be hitting stores on 17 April. It’s barely a month, but the Japanese are funny about these things. “This was a tough business decision we didn’t make lightly,” the tweet from Sega reads, and it has me worried someone is for the chop.

If the month delay has hit you hard, as least Sega has paired the bad news with the announcement that there will be a Yakuza 6 demo available from 27 February, giving everyone a chance to see if the full game will be worth the wait.

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