More than 300,000 scallywags played the Sea of Thieves beta

Microsoft doesn’t have much in the way of high profile exclusives on the horizon, so there’s a lot riding on Sea of Thieves. Rare recently ran a closed beta to give the netcode and gameplay a bit of a jolly rogering under load, and now the developer has revealed a few interesting statistics, giving us some insight into just how hooked people are to get onboard with this shared world adventure.

Before we continue, I’m not going to use any hilarrrrrious pirate cliches or worn out seafaring puns here, okay everyone? I’ve written too many Sea of Thieves news pieces, and if I have to make one more piratey reference I swear I’m going to keelhaul myself. Oh.

Right, so let’s look at those numbers. Firstly, the headline statistic is that 314,021 people logged on to give Sea of Thieves a bash. Not terrible, but then consider a game like Overwatch, which had just short of 10 million players take part in its open beta. Obviously it makes a huge difference that the Sea of Thieves beta phase was closed, so you had to pre-order the game or sign up for the game’s Insider Programme before 1 December 2017 to get in on the action.

Aspiring pirates who qualified to hit the open seas managed to rack up an impressive 2,000,000 hours of gameplay, and pulled enough streaming attention to get the game to the top spot on both Twitch and Mixer. There are plenty more stats to pour over thanks to a neat infographic spotted and photographed by a crafty Rare HQ visitor, and posted over at ResetEra.

The question which remains to be answered is simple: how will these numbers translate into actual sales on launch day?