Thanks to a freshly sprung leak, we now have lots of info on Red Dead Redemption 2

It seems everyone’s hungry for anything to do with Red Dead Redemption 2 – and thanks to leaked documents procured by Trusted Reviews, it feels like we’ve struck gold. They’ve kindly avoided posting any specific narrative spoilers though, so unless you see overarching story details as being spoiler-ish, it’s a relatively safe read.

The development notes, which Trusted Reviews kept quiet until the information could be matched up to officially released material to give them some credibility, speaks of a beefy online component made up of Battle Royale, Revive and Survive, and Money Grab game modes. You can roll your eyes at the idea of yet another game jumping on the battle royale bandwagon, but you know you want it. Revive and Survive sounds less thrilling: kill the bad guys, revive your teammates, that sort of thing – but let’s give Rockstar the benefit of the doubt. Similarly, Money Grab has two teams scrambling to get their hands on bags of cash before legging it back to base.

The online mode will share a number of aspects with GTA Online, including an open world to explore, and tents which’ll work in a similar way to the apartments in GTA Online. There will be deathmatch events and treasure hunts, functioning stores run by NPCs, and rewards for completing Achievement-style tasks. Whether or not my Read Dead Redemption 2 online experience will deteriorate into a mess of me being repeatedly squashed by fast-moving vehicles time and time again remains to be seen.

In terms of new gameplay functions, the documents touch on various means of transport, as well revealing a range of tertiary pursuits, the likes of which have given all of Rockstar’s open-world games their sense of character and substance. I’m talking stuff like gathering and crafting, horsemanship, fishing and gambling – basically everything we saw in the first Read Dead Redemption, cranked up to 11. The first-person view option is back from GTA V too, for both online play and the campaign.

There’s more to dig through in the sourced article, but as you can tell this really is a treasure trove of information, and a real treat for all of us waiting so impatiently for the game to arrive.

Via Trusted Reviews

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