Fear the Wolves is a new battle royale game by ex-STALKER devs, and so it begins

Ukranian studio Vostok Games has announced Fear the Wolves, a battle royale game set in post-apocalyptic Chernobyl, but you probably guessed that already if you’ve played STALKER or Survarium. I don’t think these guys know that games about other things besides nuclear catastrophes can even exist.

According to the press stuff, Fear the Wolves is the same 100-to-1 survive-’em-up everybody knows and loves, but also features a “new and original take” on the genre, with – oh, you guessed this too – radioactive mutants and anomalies, a dynamic weather system, day-night cycle, and “off-limit zones” that require special gear. I probably wouldn’t eat the chicken dinner, either.

Not much more than that for the moment, but it’s expected to drop on PC and consoles sometime this year, preceded by an early access launch on PC.

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