Overwatch celebrates the Year of the Dog with a free holiday in Thailand

A free holiday that’s mostly about capturing flags, so not actually much of a holiday, and okay, it’s not a holiday, it’s a new map, and I dunno what exactly it’s got to do with dogs, and what even is real anymore.

Starting tomorrow, the game’s annual Lunar New Year event introduces the new Ayutthaya map designed “specifically” for a revamped CTF mode, plus the inevitable party bag of custom skins and other stuff that you absolutely must have, but probably won’t get.

One of the big improvements to the game’s controversial CTF mode is the elimination of tedious draws.

“We know that they’re not very exciting and they can feel very anticlimactic,” director Jeff Kaplan explains in the video below. “So, we’ve added a sudden-death mechanic if the two teams are tied at the end of time. What will happen is both teams’ flags are moved closer to the centre of the map, and then the map resumes at that point and the teams will go for the flags, and then they only have a very short distance to cap.”

The Year of the Dog event will be available for the next four weeks.

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