Metal Gear Survive is heading out for one more test run with a final beta phase starting next week

Konami has announced that there will be a final beta testing session for Metal Gear Survive, giving players one last chance to try the game, and giving Konami one last chance to make sure it’s not broken when launch day arrives.

The second (and final) beta session will run for three days, from 16 – 18 February, and will include three missions set across two maps for some co-op… shenanigans? I’m not entirely sure how to explain what we’ve seen so far from this game, so let’s go with shenanigans. You’ll be able to rope in three more players for online co-op action, and there will additional daily missions thrown in during the beta too.

Those who take part will bag themselves a FOX HOUND Name Plate, an accessory Metal Gear REX Head, and a bandana of sorts. So, just about the same goodie bag that came with the previous beta session. Returning beta testers won’t need to download the game again, but that original download will be patched when the second beta starts.

Metal Gear Survive is out on 20 February, and while I’m still as sceptical as a very sceptical raccoon, I’ve become more and more intrigued for some reason. Perhaps I’ll give it a go next week.


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