Crafty dataminers did some digging and spotted reference to a Sea of Thieves open beta

The Sea of Thieves closed beta has come and gone, giving over 300,000 people a chance to put the open world pirate ’em up through its paces for a couple of days. Now, thanks to a little bit of datamining, there’s a possibility that the rest of us are going to be able to do the same before the game launches in March.

Sifting through the data that came with the latest update, the datamine yielded a host of piratey bit and pieces – a new anchor model, new pocket watches, that sort of thing – but what really caught everyone’s attention was mention of open beta Order-of-Souls quests. If you’ve been following the development process and related marketing material for Sea of Thieves you will recognise the Order of Souls as one of three factions in the game which will send you off for fortress raids and skeleton skirmishes and so on.

Rare has so far not said a word about the possibility of an open beta, but we’re dealing with data baked into the game code, so it can hardly be dismissed as rumour or fake news. It makes sense to give the game’s framework a rigorous thrashing with a bigger crowd than we saw take part in the closed beta, so I’d say it’s a safe bet that we’ll hear something official about this shortly.

If you’re interested in the full list of new data found in the latest update, it’s up on the Sea of Thieves reddit.


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