Destiny 2 will get two expansions in 2018

Game publisher Activision has confirmed that a third, “major content” update is in the works for launch in time for the holidays, preceded by a second – presumably not so “major” – expansion sometime in May.

With the awkward memory of Curse of Osiris still hanging around like a stale fart in the air, Bungie has a lot to make up for with whatever’s next for Destiny 2. Something more like The Taken King? Yes, please.

“We have a great expansion coming in May, and a major expansion coming at the end of the year, and those events have always been opportunities to re-engage our communities and win back people who have churned out,” Activision boss Eric Hirshberg explains. “This is an incredibly passionate group of players and that passion is a good thing, even when the sentiment is critical, because it shows how deeply people care about the game, and we think that’s one of the things that makes this a great franchise, and we’re fully committed to listening to and communicating with our community more frequently and more transparently than ever and making the right changes to improve the experience and we think we have the right path forward.”

In the meantime, the game’s loved-up Crimson Days event starts next week, with an exclusive emote and other cosmetic thingies up for the win in a special Crucible playlist, raid activities, and the weekly Nightfall strike.