The first official Venom teaser trailer is here and it’s running really low on actual Venom

Spider-Man’s goth anti-friend Venom is getting his own movie, starring Tom Hardy and lots of action-type stuff. Cars smashing into one another, people being angry, that sort of thing. We’ve seen precious little of the film, though, until now – Sony has released the first teaser trailer, and it’s heavy on angst and Tom Hardy, but light on Venom.

So light, in fact, that the titular character doesn’t appear in the trailer at all. I thought I caught a nanosecond glimpse of him running through a forest at one point, but after closer inspection I think it was a ferret of sorts. Instead we get what looks like a standard action movie with a dark thriller edge, and lots of Tom Hardy.

Movie trailers are important. Getting them right is important. It’s a teaser, I get that, but then at least tease us with at least a hint of the man in black – a silhouette, a quick flash, anything. Do better, Sony.

Or, am I being a troll? What did you all think of the trailer?

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