Omg, there’s a Kung Fury sequel in the works

Laser Unicorns’ cult-popular, retro-nostalgic 80s-’em-up Kung Fury is getting the sequel treatment, with a proper feature-length movie starring… Michael Fassbender? This is a thing that’s totally happening, you guys.

According to Hollywood Reporter, original greatest-damn-cop-of-all-time Kung Fury, writer, and director David Sandberg will also be in the film, next to David Hasselhoff, who performed the (probably unironic) theme song for the first one.

Released in 2015 following a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its development, Kung Fury’s absurd neon parody of budget buddy cop action and martial arts movies has since clocked almost 30 million views on YouTube, and introduced an undeserving planet to instantly iconic quotes like “your pecs are epic” and “I can hack you back in time”.

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