Dead Space is free to download and keep forever on Origin

Just in time for a to-you, from-you Valentine’s Day present, with love and kisses and grotesquely dismembered body parts in zero-g, Dead Space is free for PC on EA’s Origin service. Visceral Games’ sci-fi horror slice-‘n’-dice-em-up is a genre-defining, gore-clotted trip through the mining ship USG Ishimura, mixing Alien’s gruesome suspense and the gross-out, hallucinogenic hysteria of Event Horizon with a deliberately clumsy control system to dial the anxiety-o-meter to max.

Some of you might even remember the somewhat controversial review of this game in the December 2008 issue of NAG, in which Michael and I decided to copy-paste a series of GoogleTalk transcripts instead of writing a regular exposition of what buttons to press, and some people were very unimpressed. So we did the same thing for Dead Space 2 in March 2011. Lol.

With the studio shut down and no more Dead Space games in development, probably ever, this is basically a must-have collector’s item now. Go get it.

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