Farming Simulator 19 has been announced and I want to make fun of it but I played Stardew Valley for like a million hours so

Focus Home Interactive and GIANTS Software have confirmed that the Farming Simulator series – which is totally a real thing and not an elaborate joke, I know that now – will be… growing this holiday… season with the… harvest of Farming Simulator 19, and I don’t even know how I haven’t been fired.

According to the press stuff, Farming Simulator 19 features three “distinct” open world environments to cultivate your very own agricultural utopia, including an “all-improved” South American biome, and “great improvements to nearly every aspect of the game”. Much like previous games in the franchise, the one will also support solo and co-op play, in case more than one person actually buys it.

It’s out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this year.

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