Patch V278 is the not-very-sexy name for the latest ARK: Survival Evolved update that makes some beasts more sexy

Obviously I don’t mean sexy in the traditional sense, unless you too are a prehistoric beast and are therefore attracted to other prehistoric beasts. That aside, there’s a monstrous new patch for ARK: Survival Evolved, bringing with it substantial improvements to five creatures and a daunting list of gameplay tweaks and fixes.

The beasts getting a make-over are the Procoptodon, Gigantopithecus, Direwolf, Direbear, and the Rex. They all get visual improvements including a model update and animation update, and fur updates for the furry ones. Each creature has had a number of improvements to their unique traits – the Direwolf’s sniffing and howling has been buffed, the Direbear can harvest honey more effectively, that sort of thing – and new abilities added too.

There’s a full breakdown of the specific creature modifications on the ARK community forums, where you will also find that list of balance reworkings, fixes and other changes that come with Patch V278. Usually I would copy and paste that list here for your reading pleasure, but there’s very little pleasurable about a list this long. It’s crazy long. Take my word for it. Let’s just summarise and say “ARK: Survival Evolved is now better than it was prior to Patch V278. Unless you preferred it as it was, in which case it’s now worse than it was”.