PlayStation Plus subscribers can now pick up two exclusive items for Fortnite Battle Royale

It looks like everyone is playing Fortnite Battle Royale these days. I tried it once. I built a lovely shack on top of a hill and then promptly died. I tried again. I destroyed a large section of a barn with my hammer thing. And then promptly died. Everyone else seems to be having a blast though. If you’re one of those people, and you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can grab two new items on the PlayStation Store today for zero cash money.

It’s called the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack and if you crack open the lid you will see it contains a new glider and a new outfit. The glider is pretty cool. The outfit is instantly forgettable. But, hey, it’s free. And its exclusive. Although, since you’re only ever playing against people on the same console as you, you’ll be running around on your PlayStation 4 bragging about your pointless vest and hobo-chic woolen hat to a million other people wearing the same outfit.

Perhaps I’m being cynical because I’m an Xbox One user and Epic Games has given us a brand new free nothing, so my bitterness is leaking out the sides.

Enjoy your new vests and pants and stupid gliders, PS Plus people.