Mosh Pit: Wireless charging, SSDs, cute figurines, and more!

Welcome to Mosh Pit, the only mosh pit where participating in it doesn’t get you clobbered by random people and you jump around shirtless. Well, going shirtless is optional here, I guess. Today we have a solid state drive, a film noir sequel to a cult classic, a ridiculously cute figurine, and a bunch more things to show you.


It’s difficult not to make NVMe drives appear small, but they’re literally tiny circuit boards that you could swallow if you tried hard enough. ADATA’s XPG SX6000 was once a premium drive capable of blowing away SATA SSDs, with 1GB/s read speeds and 800MB/s write speeds and decent endurance levels. It takes up only two lanes of PCIe connectivity, and it can be found for less than R2,000 if you shop around. However, ADATA has already moved to the SX7000 and SX8000 families in the same form factor, with even greater speeds across four lanes of PCIe. Keep an eye out for those as well.

Funko Pop! Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn

Watchers in Horizon Zero Dawn dot the game’s landscape, and they’re a bit of a pest. But look at this one! It’s so cuuuute! You’ll have better luck finding these online or at AWX.

ADATA CW0050 Wireless Qi Charger

ADATA sent in a press release about their latest product, a Wireless Qi charger. For just R229 (RRP), the CW0050 is powered through a USB 2.0 mini port, is only 6mm thin, and is validated to work on most Android and iOS devices charging with Wireless Qi. Keep in mind that it is a 5V 1.0A charger, so this is more suited for keeping a battery topped up if you’re not using your phone, or placing it on the pad overnight while off to charge the battery slowly.

Blade Runner 2049 now on DVD and Blu-Ray

If you’ve somehow been under a rock or away from cellular signal for the past year, Blade Runner 2049 released in cinemas in October 2017 and just like the original, is not a blockbuster success. 2049 follows the story of Officer K, an android Blade Runner working for the Los Angeles Police Department, who uncovers secrets leading to the possible whereabouts of Rick Deckard, who disappeared 30 years ago following the events of the first movie.

This movie is a visual trip like none other, and it’s so true to the original’s visual impact that you could watch them back-to-back and almost forget that they are filmed 30 years apart. The soundtrack will also give you chills.

BackBeat FIT 305

Price: R1,699 excluding VAT

Supplier: Plantronics

Distributor: Rectron / Headset Solutions

The concha is the part of the ear that kind of bends and folds in before becoming the helix. Yes, these are actual named parts of the ear and not the names of spacefaring battleships in distant galaxies. This is also why I’d never be a good doctor. “I’m afraid it’s bad news, there appears to be something protruding from his lobule bit just under the notch thingy.”

Anyway, the reason I know this now is because these Plantronics headphones (or really earphones) have a rubbery loop that fits into the concha thereby securing them in place. They also come with three different sized interchangeable buds to ensure a snug fit. These fitness-geared headphones are amazingly light and functional if you’re planning on running a few kilometres or klapping some gym, or even mopping the garage floor, and feature a range of about 10 metres. They’re Bluetooth-enabled, and can play music or voice, and the control buttons are raised for easy use, and hold a charge for approximately six hours. Not only that, they sound absolutely amazing.

Voyager 5200 UC

Price: R3,999 excluding VAT

Supplier: Plantronics

Distributor: Rectron / Headset Solutions

Time travel is possible, and the proof is this Bluetooth/NFC headset from Plantronics. It’s like science fiction in your ear. First up, it features noise cancelling technology so you can hear what the other person is saying in most environments. We didn’t try it while parachuting, but a noisy coffee shop proved the point. The only thing you have to remember is NOT TO TALK TOO LOUDLY. There’s an adaptive microphone system in the unit so you’ll always sound your best as the device compares your voice from the different microphones and picks the best for the situation. Battery life is around six hours (seven is promised), and the time you get will depend on a few variables.

The case it comes in is equally unique and acts as the unit’s charger, with a magnetised outside slot for quick access charging. It says something that the case the device comes in is equally packed full of features. The Voyager ships with three different ear tip buds and is fully reversible, and very light (20 grams) so it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a headset. It also features voice control so you can “answer” or “ignore” calls. This is an amazing device in every respect and there shouldn’t be any other choice when looking for a headset like this.

EA explains that its lootboxes are “surprise mechanics like Kinder Eggs”… or that awkward birthday party you told your mom you definitely didn’t want and she also invited your ex