The new Ready Player One trailer almost makes VR headsets look cool

“Almost” because that obviously isn’t actually a real VR headset, it’s probably snowboard goggles with some spraypaint and post-prod razzle-dazzle, and a real VR headset still looks like you’re wearing some sort of kitchen appliance. A nice kitchen appliance, maybe, but very much a kitchen appliance. Why do I want toast now?

Ahead of the movie’s launch next month, Warner Bros has dropped a new Ready Player One trailer with more pop cultural references – Spartans from Halo! Mario Kart! … Hello Kitty? – that would be entirely lost on the dystopian slum citizens of 2045. Which, I suppose, is kind of the point. Protagonist Wade Watts is a hero because he knows what’s what, and sometime in the future, that could be you.