Broly and Bardock will be the first Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters

The latest issue of V-Jump Magazine has exclusive confirmation of the first two DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Broly and Bardock. While it’s hard to read about someone named Broly and not imagine an umbrella, closer inspection reveals that he is actually not a brolly at all. He’s a man with big muscles and bigger hair and I’m quite sure he’s all about ridiculous power-moves and probably loud, shouty noises. Bardock appears to offer more of the same.

In terms of Super Special Attacks, Broly will be sporting a tasty Gigantic Meteor move, using three energy gauge bars to dazzle foes with a shower of death, while Bardock is all about the Revenger Assault, transforming himself into a Super Saiyan and then, presumably, going thermonuclear. As far as I understood it, Broly is already a Super Saiyan, right? So Bardock’s special is that he becomes as cool as Broly is in his normal state? Lame. Bardock, be better.

I tried to verify Broly’s status as a Legendary Super Saiyan, but I just got lost in a whirlwind of names, titles, forms, and hair colours – it all gets a bit out of hand, and I’m not just being gleefully ignorant. The point is that Broly and Bardock are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ as the first piece of the season pass, although there has been no mention of a release date just yet.

Via Gematsu