Black Panther busts box office records

Move over, Deadpool, because Black Panther is the new king of opening weekends in February, banking an estimated $235 million in the US since its Thursday pre-screenings last week, beating out the potty-mouthed merc’s previous record of $132 million in 2016.

According to Forbes, these phenomenal numbers also make the movie the biggest solo superhero debut in its domestic market, the second biggest superhero movie launch (behind The Avengers), the fifth biggest movie launch, and – perhaps most significantly – the biggest ever opening weekend for a movie not directed by some white guy, amandla awethu.

Locally, Black Panther cashed in R16.8 million in South African cinemas between Friday and Sunday, with almost 200,000 tickets sold, the biggest opening weekend for a Marvel movie in this country.

With a production cost of approximately $200 million, Black Panther is already making a mega-profit. Sequel? Probably. In the meantime, my tickets are booked for tomorrow night and I’m hyped.


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