Captain America has confirmed that Black Widow is getting her own movie

Chris Evans, you’re a brazen lad… outing the Black Widow movie with obvious certainty before Marvel has made an official announcement? If you weren’t such a charming chap with such lovely chiseled features, I’m sure that the MCU overlords would have called for your head on your star spangled shield.

Perhaps it was a moment of lapsed judgement brought on by the trauma of realising that everyone wants more Black Panther and less Captain America. Whatever the reason, Chris “Cpt. Beardy” Evans let slip, during a recent interview with ET Canada regarding the success of Black Panther, that Marvel has a Black Widow movie in the pipeline. “There’s nothing they can’t do, man,” he gushed. “I’m sure it’s going to have the exact same effect when Captain Marvel comes out, and then the Black Widow movie comes out. Marvel just has the winning recipe.”

The guy doesn’t even break a sweat delivering the news. As for the heroine herself? Last I heard, Scarlett Johansson’s main concern was regarding how long she would still want to be poured into a skin-tight catsuit, so if a stand-alone Black Widow movie was going to happen it would need to happen sooner rather than later. Looks like Marvel took note of her thinly veiled warning that there’s a window of opportunity here that might be closing.

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